Why tucson ac repair Is No Friend To Small Business

with my wife I’m gonna go have lunch of my wife and if I get back over here and we’re still holding I’m going to call it good so let me attack this with some my log real quick I’ll give me just a second I just love this stuff I like the red one much better than the blue one but of course you cannot use the red one on a so you got to do what you got to do but this red stuff here is great and so yet look look a little you see it odd bubble there that Valve is still leaking.

And that’s a I hope y’all caught that new ac unit Tucson bubble I couldn’t see if L did or not but uh that that’s what it’s going to be it’s it’s this damn valve that had me the whole time so I got plenty of my log on there oh yeah look at those bubbles we’re gonna tighten this bit look at that look at that oh yeah a big wrench here let me find my wrench okay I’ll put plenty of torque on that so I’m gonna go ahead and attack that liquid line one with it too I mean why not you know while we’re here so no matter.

I’m gonna have to take this off to do it okay let me attack that liquid line and press your back up and go get something to eat and see how it holds okay I have it I’ve attacked both service caps on the liquid end of suction line with my log I’ve got point six pounds of nitrogen on the system and it is so I’m going to go have lunch with my lovely wife and if we’re still holding right there when I get back I’m going to call this fixed and I’m going to pump a vacuum on it and we’ll charge it up okay we’re back on the job and it’s been about exactly minutes and it looks like we have even risen a taste we were at point six now we’re up to point.

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