The Reasons Tourists Love Los Angeles Movers

Is inconsistent Los Angeles movers Wow all the princesses are coming out to join Belle there we are yeah Aurora can sit right here super cute now let’s get out teeniest surprise teeny bottle and let’s see who’s inside we have shine and she’s got a party hat.

on or actually she’s holding a party happy super awesome plus a Hopkins season of wild style let’s see if we get the unicorn pet pod oh we’ve got the unicorn pet pod that’s the one to find guys oh this is so cool Ok let’s open this up and see what’s inside oh yeah we got a unicorn Cup oh my goodness congratulations you have just found the precious unicorn.

pet pod and cup of corn shop kin yeah oh this is too cool Oh super awesome and we got strawberry kiss so let’s see he was bad the unicorn pet pod with the cup of corn and the cup of corn is considered a precious precious super awesome and then our strawberry kids is where is she she’s right here maybe turning Hopkins super cool and finally let’s get this right.

our loll surprise confetti pop our clue is cherry bomb our cherry pom cherry bomb it’s all here’s our collector stickers and they forgot to put the little zippers on here the little dots for us to pull down so this is going to have to go around in a circle here is our little tattoo sticker who’s our cherry bomb doll we have blue sunglasses a little bottle milk bottle and we have our little pull cord for the popcorn let’s see what we get here some cute shoes.

And here is our little outfit who might this be so adorable with its daisies let’s give this a pull I’m gonna pull it from this side let’s oh who did we get here’s her little skirt and here is her little outfit or her top I should say and here’s some cold water to see if she color changes nope no color changing here let’s dunk her in and see what she does what.

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